Pros and Cons of Throuple Dating

throuple relationship

Have you heard about throuple dating?

Throuple is one of the newest dating phenomena that have been gaining attention online. However, what is a throuple relationship in the first place? What are its pros and cons?

Continue reading below to learn more about this unconventional form of relationship:

What is Throuple Dating?

Throuple dating is a consensual union of three individuals with romantic and sexual involvement with one another. The truth is that it is not a new type of relationship because more and more couples already consider it a norm these days.

While there may be a lot of misunderstandings and myths surrounding throuple relationships, couples in this kind of relationship are just as satisfied and happy as other couples out there. Many throuples even discover that their distinct relationship model gives them more intimacy and stability than conventional monogamous relationships do.

By now, you already have some insight about what throuple dating is. This time, it is time to move forward and gain a better understanding of the good and bad sides of throuple relationships.

Pros of Throuple Dating

There are many benefits associated with throuple dating, and some of these include the following:

Exceptional empathy and understanding

Throuple dating encourages better empathy and understanding of the different points of view of other people. When you share a certain level of intimacy with several people, you can develop a better understanding of how and what others see and perceive.

Improve teamwork and communication

Communication isn’t always easy in two-person relationships since one person usually takes the lead while the other just follows suit. This kind of setup may result in arguments or misunderstandings that might be difficult to address and resolve.

Communication in throuple relationships, on the other hand, is more open and fluid because all three members can express their perspectives, allowing their voices to be heard all the time.

Teamwork also becomes easier and simpler because everyone’s input will be taken into consideration, especially when making important decisions.

All partners are equal

In conventional two-person relationships, there is always one person who will dominate the other. In throuple relationships, however, every member will always have an equal share and say in the different areas of the relationships. It leads to a stronger connection and heightened intimacy because all members are involved and fully invested in the relationship as a whole.

More committed and stable relationship

A throuple relationship is more likely to last longer since it is not based on competition nor does it rely on exclusivity alone. Every member is comfortable with each other, which makes it almost impossible for disagreements or fights to take place.

Cons of Throuple Dating

A throuple relationship involves three people, and all of them have sex together. This simple statement used for explaining throuple makes it seem like a unique connection that anyone can enter easily. However, while being a part of a triad can offer an abundance of security and love, it also has its set of unique challenges and difficulties.

Depending on the throuple’s origins, some insecurity might be at play here. The more recent member of the throuple may sometimes feel a bit separate and detached from the other two, especially when the relationship originally involved only the two of them.

There are also instances when the original couple who decided to form a throuple might not have worked out the true meaning of polyamory for them just yet. In cases like this, the absence of clarity and community may lead to catastrophic effects on the relationship.

Since there are three persons involved with needs competing with each other, a throuple may soon feel like an obtuse or scalene triangle instead of an equilateral triangle, which is the original goal of the relationship.

Aside from internal problems, throuple relationships may also face some structural issues. One of the main cons of throuple dating is the fact that society has been designed for two. Wedding invitations, for example, only expect you to bring one companion, and so do corporate events. Families also frown upon having several partners coming up for the holidays. Even marriage is legal exclusively for two. This list can go on and on.

This sanctioned dismissal of triads in society may result in personal friction. Since the norm is a relationship with just two persons involved, couples often enjoy some privileges in society. In a throuple, it might result in the last person who joined the relationship being somewhat excluded in several situations, such as work events, holidays, and weddings.

It is especially the case if the people in the relationship are uncomfortable with the idea of letting the whole world know that they are non-monogamous or queer. Those who prefer secrecy might get hurt if their two partners can easily pose as a couple in front of other people and enjoy the perks that come with doing so.

Last but not least, the realities of how mankind creates and maintains connections with each other are placed under the spotlight through throuple relationships. if three people come together to form an intimate relationship system, it will be an unrealistic expectation that every connection in the dynamic will be evolved to the same depth or at the same speed.

Inequities in this regard can usually bring up some feelings of pain for people that should be processed and worked out through on both team and individual levels.

Is Throuple Dating Right for You?

It might be a bit complicated to determine if throuple dating is right for you or not. After all, you will only know the answer after you try it for yourself. The best thing you can do is to consider your feelings first about the concept of ethical non-monogamy as a whole.

Do you find polyamory interesting? Do you feel drawn to it? Are you willing to reject traditional values of monogamy?

If you answer these questions with a yes, then, throuple dating might suit you. But if not, stop and consider the pros and cons first before you dive into this setup.

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