Best Polyamorous Dating Sites & Apps Reviews 2023

Polyamorous Dating

The notion of polyamorous dating has been around for quite some time and it’s very easy to understand. Before you go on polyamorous dating sites, you do want to know what this means and also what it entails. This is a non-monogamy approach to dating where you basically have a committed relationship with two or more people. Simply put, what this means is that you have a partner, but both of you can have another partner as well.

What’s interesting is that you don’t have limits, you get to date who you want, but your main partner knows about that. Which is quite appealing for younger people that always want to experiment and try out new things. That alone does help quite a bit, and in the end the benefits are great for everyone. This is why it makes a lot of sense for many people to just check out polyamorous dating sites and see how they work and if they can find the right person they want to date. There are definitely lots of interesting options, some great, others less so. But we think that the ones listed here are very impressive and they do convey a tremendous quality and result.

1. Polyamory Date – Best Overall Polyamorous Dating Site


Polyamory Date is our No.1 pick among the best polyamorous dating sites we reviewed. There are lots of things to like on this site. What it does is it helps you enter a safe, private community where polyamorous dating is at the forefront. You can choose what kind of relationship you want, and they also give you access to video chat, live messaging and other cool stuff. They also make it easy to have couple of profiles if you want. So there’s definitely a lot of value to be had here, and the website itself is really easy to access whenever you want. That’s the thing that truly makes it stand out. Yes, it does take a bit of a trial and error to find the right polyamorous dating partner, but the website does offer great value and a wonderful experience, so it’s totally worth it.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
23.4KFemale: 43.29%; Male: 56.71%10/10

2. Adult Friend Finder – World’s Largest Adult Dating Site


As the world’s largest adult dating site and community, has 114,646,096+ members, it saves you time to find a poly partner. It’s one of those websites that have a plethora of different people you can meet. You can also access lots of different filters, all of which make it easy for you to narrow down exactly the type of person you want to meet. It’s a great website with lots of amazing features and it does add up with its style and great features. The best part about it is that you can also choose the closest city to you too, so you can really find polyamorous dating experiences in your area. That’s the thing that truly makes it fun, and in the end you will be quite impressed with it and the results you can get.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
61.1MFemale: 16.63%; Male: 83.37%9.8/10

3. Ashley Madison – Polyamorous Dating for Married People


Ashley Madison is one of those websites that truly stand out with its unique approach and style. It’s definitely worth giving it a try and the best part is the quality as a whole. It’s amazing, it really sets the experience apart, and we do think that this is one of those sites with a lot of great promise. It might take a bit of a trial and error to find the right people here, but for the most part it does offer a pretty immersive and exciting experience. The dashboard is great, there are lots of people on the site and numerous filters can be used to narrow down the right dates. So yes, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
10.2MFemale: 24.64%; Male: 75.36%9.7/10

4. Polyamorous Dating – Polyamorous Dating Community for Poly Singles

PolyamorousDating is one of the better polyamorous dating sites out there and it’s definitely worth checking it out. People love this particular site because it’s very exciting and it does have a ton of great members. They also have nice filters, you can also see who is online, browse photos and so on. The messaging system is great, and you can also flirt with members. In case someone is inappropriate, you can also block them. Overall, this is a lot of fun and you will find it to be one of the better experiences and the most enjoyable ones you can find out there. Just check it out and you are bound to have great results.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
60.0KFemale: 30.64%; Male: 69.36%9.6/10

5. Be Naughty – Hookup Site for Naughty Dating


If you’re into naughty dating, polyamorous dating and the like, then is actually a very good website for you. It definitely has a great, unique allure and you are bound to find it great especially if you want a different type of dating. Many of us are interested in polyamorous dating, and this site definitely delivers on its promise. You will find that it conveys a great quality and value, and you will appreciate its style and attention to detail. You just have to use that as an advantage, and the quality and results will be nothing short of incredible. So yes, this is great for polyamorous dating and totally worth a shot.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
4.2MFemale: 22.67%; Male: 69.36%9.5/10

6. Sister Wives – Polygamy Dating & Find a Sister Wife


One of the more interesting type of polyamorous dating sites is definitely this You can easily choose what kind of couple you want to have, and the site itself is open ended in that regard. There’s definitely a great experience to be had here and the excitement comes from experimenting something new. It totally adds up to bring in something fun and enjoyable, while also offering the best possible approach. 13 years of experience say a lot here, and you’re definitely going to find this site quirky, yet interesting and enjoyable. It’s one of those sites that you will love, and it has a lot of great users too.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
10.7KFemale: 37.85%; Male: 62.15%9.4/10

7. Poly Matchmaker – Over 20 Years Poly Dating Service


In case you have an open sexuality, then definitely delivers. It has a mobile app, and while the visuals themselves are not the best, it does have various filters and options to help you find the right type of dating experience. It’s nice and interesting to see how it all comes together and what options you have with polyamorous dating. This is definitely one of the sites where you can find a lot of great people, and there might even be some from your area. It’s totally worth it to at least check it out and see how you enjoy the experience.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
9.7KFemale: 41.19%; Male: 58.81%9.3/10

8. Beyond Two – 100% Free Polyamorous Dating


With help from, you can get into polyamorous dating and all kinds of dating with more than 2 partners. The visual style is a bit dated, but the reality is that here you can gain access to a massive range of people interested in polyamorous dating. On top of that, the site has events, forums, photos, you can also do a group search. They also inform you more about polyamorous dating, what it is and why is it important. It’s this kind of stuff that we think stands out with this site, since it has great features and also all kinds of answers for the questions you have regarding polyamorous dating. If you have even the slightest interest in dating multiple people at once, this is definitely a community that you want to join.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
17.6KFemale: 41.37%; Male: 58.63%9.2/10

9. #open – Dating App for Open Relationships

#open app

The Open app is nice and fun to browse, it also has a more Instagram-like design which makes it more accessible. You can check your history and see what people you matched with and which ones you passed on. They also show if someone likes you. So there’s definitely a lot of stuff to be had here, and the best part is that you can choose your sexuality and share it, or you can maintain a high level of privacy. Which is cool, because it adds to the process and it gives you more control than you expect. That alone goes to show the quality and experience you can get from an app like this.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
iOS: 3.8 • 766 Ratings
Android: 2.6 • 736 reviews
Female: 42.30%; Male: 57.70%9.1/10

10. Polyamory Dating Site – Discreet Online Polyamory Dating Club


There are all kinds of polyamorous dating websites, has a large audience and also a cleaner interface when compared to some of the other options. You can choose what you are looking for, sign up and you can share only the information you want. There’s definitely a lot of value to be had here, and the website educates you about the pros and cons of polyamorous dating and also how you can make the most out of it. Privacy is important here, and it surely stands out in ways you would never expect, which is always interesting and enjoyable. That’s why it can be quite an interesting idea to check out and pursue.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
5.0KFemale: 31%; Male: 69%9.0/10

11. MoreThanOne – Dating App for Ethical Non-Monogamous

morethanone app

The name MoreThanOne clearly suggests this is a polyamorous dating app, and it does have some interesting features. You get to browse the database of people in your area and then you can engage in polyamorous dating. You also get to chat with others here, which is a cool thing. Being able to connect with others and also having the complete control over your privacy is always a great idea. Of course, the minimalist approach is what really sets it apart, and you will find that it conveys amazing results and tremendous benefits. You do want to give it a try, and overall you will find that it provides you with a resounding quality and value. That’s what truly makes it worth it.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
iOS: 4.1 • 353 Ratings
Android: 4.1 • 301 reviews
Female: 30.64%; Male: 69.36%8.8/10

12. FNTSY – ENM, Polyamorous Dating


Like the other apps here, the overall design of FNTSY is great and you will find it a pleasure to use. The app itself has a lot of stuff going for it, and the experience that it brings to the table is what really sets it apart. It does take a bit of a trial and error to figure out the style and functions. However, you do have great privacy settings, you can find all kinds of relationship types, including polyamorous dating if you want. They also make your profiles very pleasant, so browsing profiles and checking other people is very interesting.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
iOS: 3.2 • 261 Ratings Female: 34.18%; Male: 65.82%8.7/10

13. PolyFinda – Respectful Polyamorous Community

polyfinda app

What we like about PolyFinda is the fact that it’s made to be fun. You get to see how far away other members live, which we think is a really cool concept. On top of that, the profile design is really cool, versatile and unique at the same time. It just goes to show that there’s a lot of value to be had, and the experience as a whole is a lot of fun. You also have the option to contact others with credits, so you have to pick who you really want to talk with.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
iOS: 3.4 • 11 Ratings
Android: 2.2 • 173 reviews
Female: 42.83%; Male: 57.17%8.6/10

14. Iconist – Polyamory Dating App

iconist app

What’s cool about Iconist app is that the app itself has a ton of people already registered. It also shows the type of diet those people have, their hobbies, what they are looking for and so on. The app also covers things like personality, which is not exactly the thing you will find in most of these apps. The interface is also very immersive and cool, and it does bring in front some interesting ideas. Of course it takes a bit of a trial and error, but the quality that it brings to the table and the value you receive is pretty nice. It’s also focused on privacy and there are no ads, which is obviously a great step up from other sites.

Monthly VisitsGenderOverall Rating
iOS: 4.0 • 2 Ratings
Android: 3.5 • 20 reviews
Female: 35%; Male: 65%8.5/10


These are some great polyamorous dating sites and applications that you will find a pleasure to use every day. The reality is that polyamorous dating is a lot easier these days, especially if you use sites and apps like these. They give you access to all kinds of great people that you can start dating in no time. There’s always going to be a challenge when it comes to dating, but this list makes the process fast and easy. It’s engaging and rewarding, and you will find that it does deliver exactly what you want.

We recommend checking all the sites on this list, and you will have no problem finding the right option to suit your requirements. Take your time and remember, it will bring in a great experience and some fun ways for you to test out new kinds of dating. After all, polyamorous dating can be fun, it all comes down to the website you are using!

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